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Genius Turns Lego Hair Into Bike Helmet And We Approve

http://ridesonfire.soup.io This Lego-hair bike helmet isn't Lego at all


Read the whole post HERE: There Is A Cycling Helmet For People Who Want To Ride With LEGO Man Hair

This Awesome ‘Lego Hair’ Helmet Turns You Into A LEGO Figure This clever helmet is helping kids stay safer while also making the wearer look like a full-sized LEGO man! Designed to resemble the toy’s funny hair wig, this ingenious bike helmet will hopefully get kids more excited about riding safely. how many human LEGO figures do you see on the roads every day? Cyclists are sometimes difficult to spot, but there’s no way you’ll be able to miss somebody wearing one of these bike helmets. After all, how many human LEGO figures do you see on the roads every

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